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The Best Of

My favourites of all the things I’ve written

A variety of dates

Shiny Happy People

The temptation at the edge

Friday, the 15th May 2020


We are each other’s shadows

Thursday, the 7th May 2020


All the things I said

Monday, the 13th April 2020


From "Mortal City" by Dar Williams

Saturday, the 4th April 2020


The language of the tribe

Saturday, the 22nd June 2019

The Slope

That we walk on

Monday, the 15th October 2018


My first time across an ocean

Thursday, the 12th October 2017


Preparation for imminent loads

Sunday, the 4th June 2017

Angular Momentum

That can tear you almost in half when you stop holding it

Tuesday, the 7th February 2017


From "Cleopatra", by the Lumineers

Monday, the 28th November 2016


Knowing someone isn't understanding them

Friday, the 11th November 2016

State Function

It isn't what, it's how

Friday, the 12th August 2016


On the nature of stellar objects

Wednesday, the 10th August 2016

His Story

Where does the past live?

Tuesday, the 9th August 2016

In The Open

The light web is for talking in public

Monday, the 8th August 2016

Nothing Better

From "Give Up" by The Postal Service

Tuesday, the 22nd March 2016


Sometimes when it seems to be getting away from you, it's just being put to use

Saturday, the 19th March 2016

Yeah, you.

On the difference we make

Wednesday, the 18th March 2015

Clouds Edged with Golden Lace

Beautiful sights at special times of day

Tuesday, the 28th October 2014

Little Talks

From "My Head is an Animal", by Of Monsters and Men

Wednesday, the 6th August 2014

Object Permanence

Learning things are forever followed by learning things aren't forever

Tuesday, the 5th August 2014

Time Compass

The inverse of a sundial

Monday, the 4th August 2014

Objects of Importance

Sometimes the value in things lies with where, and how, and why, rather than just what

Sunday, the 3rd August 2014

Every Day Carry

What does it have in its pocketses?

Saturday, the 2nd August 2014


When smaller is better, where does it end?

Friday, the 1st August 2014


Some ideas are intrinsically elegant enough to justify themselves

Monday, the 28th July 2014

World Spins Madly On

From "Say I Am You" by The Weepies

Sunday, the 27th July 2014

Canonical Data Store

One of the toughest parts of digital nomadism

Saturday, the 26th July 2014

Sleeping Through Earthquakes

You just can't see everything, no matter how hard you try

Thursday, the 24th July 2014


It's the tales that we tell that show us who we are

Sunday, the 23rd February 2014


From "Every Kingdom" by Ben Howard

Thursday, the 23rd January 2014


Some things you know, and some things you only think you know

Monday, the 9th December 2013


Everything you know is a lie… well, maybe not everything

Thursday, the 5th September 2013

Lyratic Resolution

How I came to write my own blog engine

Monday, the 8th July 2013

Fading Away

One day, we all must fade from view…

Saturday, the 8th June 2013

All This and Heaven, Too

From "Ceremonials" by Florence + The Machine

Saturday, the 1st June 2013


The art of tea making…

Saturday, the 13th April 2013

Stubborn Love

From "The Lumineers" by The Lumineers

Monday, the 1st April 2013


On the noble art of letter-writing

Sunday, the 31st March 2013

Independent Cinema

Because I'm no fan of summer blockbusters.

Monday, the 25th March 2013


This is a very special time of year.

Thursday, the 21st March 2013


We need to work out translation if we're all to get along

Tuesday, the 19th March 2013

Walk Away

From "Welcome to the Cruel World" by Ben Harper

Monday, the 18th March 2013


As they say, sometimes it's good to get out of your comfort zone.

Friday, the 15th March 2013


Where are you from?

Wednesday, the 13th March 2013


The art that I like, and the reasons I like it

Monday, the 11th March 2013

Circadian Rhythms

I'm afraid to say it, but by choice I'm a daysleeper.

Sunday, the 10th March 2013

Book Review

This week, I have been watching…

Saturday, the 9th March 2013

Auld Reekie

It's easy to take your home for granted.

Wednesday, the 6th March 2013

Batteries Not Included

On the technology we use, and our means of powering it.

Tuesday, the 5th March 2013


I'm terribly sorry that my son pointed out something both obvious and true

Sunday, the 3rd March 2013


Working towards web standards.

Friday, the 1st March 2013


Learning to touch type took a whole new keyboard layout.

Thursday, the 28th February 2013

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I think spring may have sprung.

Wednesday, the 27th February 2013

Micro Four Thirds

I'm considering swapping out my camera for one that doesn't take pictures as well.

Tuesday, the 26th February 2013

File Formats

Using computers shouldn't be difficult.

Sunday, the 24th February 2013

Ice Cream

The finest ice cream in all Edinburgh lay just across the road…

Saturday, the 23rd February 2013

Norwegian with English Subtitles

On why dubbed movies aren't worth watching.

Friday, the 22nd February 2013

Styling Travails

On the difficulties of adding a nice button on the web.

Thursday, the 21st February 2013


The idea of a personal motto has fallen out of favour. Maybe it's time they came back.

Tuesday, the 19th February 2013

Spelling Test

Not many people know how to spell the words that appear in common expressions…

Monday, the 18th February 2013

Times Change

Should we be judging artists for the paths they choose to pursue?

Sunday, the 17th February 2013

Data Redundancy

Details of my quest to remain thoroughly backed up at all times.

Friday, the 15th February 2013


Musings on what I might miss about Edinburgh if I leave.

Wednesday, the 13th February 2013

Quantum of Science

What I've been reading recently.

Tuesday, the 12th February 2013

Happy New Year

The beginning stages of a new blog.

Sunday, the 10th February 2013

Belle & Sebastian

Goodbye to the horses that have pulled the plough

Sunday, the 20th January 2013

Your Cover’s Blown

Never judge a book by its cover

Tuesday, the 20th November 2012

I Could Be Dreaming

Poetry and Impressionism

Wednesday, the 24th October 2012

Beyond the Sunrise

Automated vs. Manual

Friday, the 19th October 2012

I Love My Car

Can you hear us, pumping on your stereo?

Wednesday, the 10th October 2012

Simple Things

The Words

Sunday, the 8th July 2012

Wandering Alone

In the dark, without even music to guide the way

Sunday, the 24th June 2012

Is It Wicked Not To Care?

About what you heard

Sunday, the 13th May 2012

Asleep on a Sunbeam

On Manners

Sunday, the 29th April 2012

I Could Be Dreaming

Yes, I did accidentally re-use a title

Monday, the 23rd April 2012

Wrapped Up In Books

What to learn to

Sunday, the 8th April 2012

The State I Am In

Music vs mood

Sunday, the 1st April 2012


Living up to them

Sunday, the 25th March 2012


An ode to my first love

Sunday, the 18th March 2012

Electronic Renaissance

The mechanics of music

Sunday, the 18th March 2012


The art of arts

Monday, the 5th March 2012

Family Tree

Where I'm from and what that means

Sunday, the 26th February 2012

Cover (Version)

Who played it better?

Sunday, the 19th February 2012


Finding stories everywhere

Sunday, the 12th February 2012


What music really is

Sunday, the 5th February 2012

Seventy Eights

Just a sliver, thanks

Sunday, the 29th January 2012


Digging for fire

Sunday, the 22nd January 2012


Pleased to meet you, I'm here to write

Thursday, the 19th January 2012