Ex Die in Diem



I’ve had cause recently to reexamine my website, and one of the things that I’ve been looking at in particular is aligning the code better with the specifications for web documents. In particular, I’m keen to have my site validate as XHTML and CSS3.

These web standards exist so that web browser vendors have a codified document setup to expect: this aids rendering and cross-browser compatibility. In a similar vein to my earlier rant about how plain text is a durable and compatible alternative to .doc or .odt, XHTML is standardised across all modern browsers and is human readable.

Fortunately for my sanity, the lovely people at W3C have an automatic validator set up here, where you can enter the URI of the site you wish to validate, and the website will tell you exactly the frequency and manner with which the author broke the rules of the specification. If you happen to be the author, this tool allows you to fix your site line by line, and gives you a lovely little green bar when your site passes.

All of this has kept me up late into the night, so I’m going to go and sleep now.

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