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Independent Cinema

No, not independent film: independent cinema, the place where you go to watch movies. Like the Dominion, or the Filmhouse, if you live where I live. I’m sure there’s one where you live, too. You should go and watch a movie you won’t see anywhere else: it’s fun to not be too mainstream.

I’ve been to see three pictures at the pictures in the last three days, none of which are playing currently at the local multiplexes: Death Proof on Saturday, Trance yesterday, and The Princess Bride this evening. Admittedly, Sunday’s film will likely be seeing a very general release shortly, but I got to see it as a free members’ preview, which wouldn’t happen at a big chain. The irony of this fact is that the cinema where I saw these movies, the Cameo, has recently been bought out by Cineworld.

I’ve really enjoyed my extended weekend of cinema going in a way that I don’t think is common any more, in the current age of super blockbusters screened in huge corporate multiscreen cinemas. I really value the independence that has been accorded to the Cameo by it’s parent company, Picturehouse Cinemas. I can only hope that the new owners are as hands-off as the old, so that the cinema can continue to screen movies so good I’ll go to see three in as many days.

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