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Family Tree

So I’ve been looking back at the music of this week, as is my wont of a Sunday afternoon. The trend that I noticed this week was region of origin…

If you know me, and especially if you know me from the time I lived in England’s green and pleasant land, you’ll know that I’m Scottish. Fiercely Scottish. It’s a big part of who I am, and an important factor in my worldview, but what does it mean in real terms? Scotland isn’t a separate political entity, for at least another two years, and there’s frankly not much holding us separate from England.

Mostly it’s pride: pride in the performance of our sports teams, pride in our history of people and inventions, pride in the quality of our countryside. We consider ourselves to have a lot to be proud of in Scotland; from Glen Coe to James Clerk Maxwell. In a crude and probably futile attempt to stay on topic, I’m going to limit the remainder of this post to our music.

And so we come to the listing segment: Belle and Sebastian, Biffy Clyro, Drever, McCusker and Woomble, Glasvegas, Idlewild, Lau, Paolo Nutini, The Poozies, and Teenage Fanclub, to name a few.

That list was limited to artists currently listed in my iTunes match library, which indicates my liking for them. The problem that I have is that I honestly can’t tell if my enjoyment is based on good music, or based on (frankly unsettling) national pride. Maybe you could email me and let me know.

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