Ex Die in Diem



There was a time when every family, organisation, and country had its own motto: a little strapline, something to think about that you could associate with them. Indeed, individual people used to try to express their individual attitude to life in a short, pithy phrase.

While the idea of an individual motto has declined over time, the mottoes of organisations have remained in place, unaltered by the years. My Alma Mater maintains that Virtus Vera Nobilitas: virtue is true nobility. I’ve spent a fair amount of time since graduating trying to work out what that even means, but it certainly sounds impressive.

The royal family of this United Kingdom has the motto, Dieu et Mon Droit: God and My Right. I suppose that helps them sleep at night, but I wouldn’t call it stirring. The virgin queen apparently lived by the motto Semper Eadem: Always the Same. Now that doesnt even sound like it would help me sleep at night.

In my endless quest to resurrect all the old, good things, I thought I might try out a personal motto. Because I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve chosen the title of this blog, Ex Die In Diem: Day by Day. It’s not inspiring, and it’s probably not even very good Latin, but I like it, and I’ll be sleeping like a baby.

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