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Belle & Sebastian

I set sail on this beautiful pea-green blog with a pussycat, but now it’s been a year and a day, and I think it’s just about time we came back. I enjoyed writing this thing, but you can tell from the diminishing frequency of posts that I’ve found it harder and harder to set aside time for it as the year has gone on. Now comes the time to give in and say “no more”.

I hope that I leave behind an interesting insight into a year of my musical musings, and a taste of how I feel about the world of recorded audio. Whatever happens, this page will stay here, a 71kb reminder of 2012, the year the world didn’t end.

I’m afraid I haven’t much on my mind as regards music with which to embellish this final post, except to let you know that this week I finally got my hands on a vinyl copy of Doolittle, so now all I need to do is gold plate it and catch up with Voyager.

Hang on, is that it? Is he only going to talk about Pixies? Surely that post title is wrong, then?

Ah yes, the oftentimes cryptic blog titles. Well, since February, the title of every post (including this one) has been the name of a Belle & Sebastian song. I hope that makes up for naming the blog after a Pixies lyric.

Have a nice life, girls and boys.

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