This site is written using Markdown, templated in Mustache and styled with Sass. I write in Editorial and use Prompt to connect to my Digital Ocean instance, where I run Lyratic Resolution to generate the relevant files. The HTML & CSS are then also served from there, along with fonts in woff format.

Those fonts are Goudy Bookletter 1911 from the League of Movable Type for the body text, and a heading font produced by subsetting the OFL-licensed Cabin Sketch by Impallari Type using the utility at FontSquirrel. Preformatted <code> blocks are set in Monofur, by kind permission of tobias b koehler.

Everything on the site, including pictures, is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons license: that means you can republish it, or anything you’ve made out of it, however you’d like – so long as you mention me and don’t use it specifically to make money.